Aerospray® Cytology
Slide Stainer / Cytocentrifuge

The Aerospray® Cytology Slide Stainer/Cytocentrifuge automates the staining of liquid based cytology specimens to facilitate the examination of an array of cell differentiations utilizing Papanicolaou staining techniques. learn more...

Advantages for Labs

  • Eliminates cross-contamination
  • Equipped with staining and cytocentrifugation capabilities
  • Standardizes staining across multiple labs
  • The perfect back-up for high automation labs
  • Provides consistent high-quality control
  • Low maintenance
  • Reduces the labor/cost per slide
  • Enables laboratory compliance
Cells on Microscope Slide

Sputem Smear
Cells on Microscope Slide

Buccal Cells
Cells on Microscope Slide

Lung Cells
Cells on Microscope Slide

Abnormal Mass
Ordering Information

Catalogue number: Model 7522
Product Description: Aerospray®Cytology Series 2 Stainer/Cytocentrifuge

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